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The Silent Telephone

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1The Silent Telephone Empty The Silent Telephone on Thu Jul 03, 2008 7:38 am


a little story i wrote for another site.

The Silent Telephone

The rosy red phone stood silent. Maria glared at it. Her old telephone had given up the ghost and her old mum had kindly bought her the rosy red telephone as a replacement. Maria hated red. She tried to tell her mum, but her mums eyes just glazed over as they always did when Maria spoke to her. It was really starting to dawn on Maria that her mum just didn't listen to her, or know her at all!

Anyway, the rosy red telephone had been set up in place of the old one, and Maria grudgingly looked forward to speaking to Penny, her friend. Penny always seemed to talk about the same things, but Maria actually found that quite reassuring. Sometimes Jack phoned too, but all he wanted to talk about was his boat, which Maria found very tiresome.

Suddenly, the red rosy telephone rang for the first time, a delightful little melody that had Maria smiling, and wondering if it would be jack or penny. She rushed to answer it before it stopped ringing, held it to her ear...and no one spoke! Nothing! She said hello a few times, and grew annoyed. Why phone if you aren't going to say anything! She hung up in a temper and stalked back to the kitchen, where her mum, whom lived with her, was grinning at her in that peculiar way she had. Maria tried to explain but once again her mum just gazed at her uncomprehendingly. Honestly it was like speaking to a brick wall.

The phone rang a few more times that day, but still no one talked. No Jack, no Penny. Normally Maria heard from them both everyday. If they didn't call her, she called them. Hang on, that was it! Maria hadn't tried calling them today! Grabbing the handset she hit the auto dial button for Penny and waited. There was no familiar ringing, nothing, again! The stupid phone didn't work! Maria felt so frustrated she began to cry a little. It was important to her to speak to penny and jack!

Hearing her sobs, her mum came in to see what was happening. She picked up the rosy red phone and flicked a switch on the underside. Putting it back she smiled at Maria and sat down on the near by sofa. Maria, suspicious, lifted the hand set..and yes! Someone was there now! It wasn't penny or jack though, it was James, and he wanted to tell her about his new car!

Maria's mum smiled at Maria's happy face. Buying new toys for an 18 month old was never easy, especially when they had got into a habit with old ones, but this one looked as though it would be a great success. It was so funny listening to maria gabble away, but would be even better when she began to speak real words.

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2The Silent Telephone Empty Re: The Silent Telephone on Thu Jul 03, 2008 9:42 am


Settling In
Settling In
I really liked that Max - good illustration of how frustrated children must get with us when they can't make themselves understood!

Was the old phone based on a particular toy from your house?

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