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Feeling stuck for ideas? Some prompts in here!

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Do you ever feel the urge to write, something, anything? Yet try as you might, you cant get anything flowing? All that pent up creativity cant be good for you, so below are some prompts to help inspire a good short story out of you, just promise to share it with The Blurb!

Creative Writing Prompts

1. The main character of your story is blind. Imagine what that must be like. Think about how your short story should be written, the way your character would describe things. Perhaps he or she has just gone blind, and is adjusting. Use the line 'Even in the dark, you can see..." to get you started.

2. Try writing a fable, the point of them being to teach children about moral lessons. Use your favorite animal or a pet. What moral do you think is most important for children to learn?

3. Go into a room in your house. Pick up the first object that appeals to you. Now write a short story about it!

4. Choose a family member and try to write a short story about them, or try to BE them in your story.

5. 'and they all lived unhappily ever after'. Write a short story that doesn't have a happy ending for a couple.

6. Do you know of a song that has a story behind it? Can you write a longer version of the story?

7. Write a story about you. As the bad guy!

8. Write a short story that begins with your main character being found dead.

9. 'Sometimes I think my friend has strange powers. Every time he's around....' Use the sentence to make a short story.

10. Everyone wants to win the lottery. Write a short story about a character whom does win the lottery but learns that money cant buy you happiness.

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